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Our purpose is to design and manufacture fragrances that enhance our customers’ brands and build consumer loyalty.We are a B2B company fully dedicated to our clients, with a single-minded focus on producing high quality perfumes for fine fragrances, home and personal care products.

Creative by NatureInnovative by Design

Perfumery is an inventive enterprise. Creativity is part of our daily life and how we overcome challenges. We don’t just value creativity; we enable it and nurture it from the Perfumer’s lab to the Compounder’s workstation on the plant floor.

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We’re on a Roll, Nothing Can Stop Us

From humble beginnings in Barcelona one generation ago, we have become a global company manufacturing fragrances in six countries.  As a mid-size fragrance boutique we differentiate ourselves from bigger companies by our reactivity, agility and drive to build strong, long-term partnerships.

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Sustainability: Tomorrow Is too Late; the Future Is Now

Eurofragance is wholeheartedly invested in addressing sustainability issues and implementing actions that will benefit people, planet, profits and, yes, perfumery. Our four major axes of engagement are: safety, biodiversity, community and resources.

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We’re Midsize, and Play in The Big Leagues

Being relevant in business isn’t related to size. We give you full access to our superior perfumes and services without cutting corners.  Our sales and development teams will always offer you bespoke fragrance solutions for any category of products.

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