Know in detail the new collection Eurofragance presented at Beautyworld Middle East 2017

For the first time, anyone can fully express himself or herself in a scent”.  That has been one of the main attractions of Eurofragance´s presence at Beautyworld Middle East.  Visitors have been amazed about the possibility of creating their own scent.  Once again, we have been able to captivate with our fragrances.

Our new fragrance collection, Scentsoo, is based on a customized fragrance concept that has been developed for perfumery, home and personal care sectors.  Fragrances in this collection have been created by our perfumers Julia Rodriguez and Olaf Larsen.  According to them, “Scentsoo awakens our customers’ senses, allowing them to combine different fragrances, applications, textures and materials to make customized, unique creations”.

This customization option is available in the fine fragrance, personal care and home care areas.  For fine fragrances, we have created 4 perfumes -Powder in Bloom; Addictive Delight; Sublime Potion and Middle Eastern Night- that can be mixed with four oils -Velvet Molecules; Touch of Suede; Amber Blush and Dark Woods-, to create infinite combinations.

In the home care category, we have worked with Bakhoors: fragrances for home, very similar to incense.  Bakhoors are very common in the Middle East and are also used on special occasions such as weddings.  Besides, they are used to perfume body, allowing the scent to permeate it.  For BWME, we prepared an innovative collection of Bakhoors that use one same base, Silverscent, combined with four different oils: Velvet Molecules; Touch of Suede; Amber Blush and Dark Woods.  This variety allowed customers to create signature scents for their home.

And the last, but not the least, is our body care segment! We have really boosted it by launching and innovative beauty ritual that consists of five stages.  In this case, we have used one perfume, Powder in Bloom, which varies depending on the application.  This is the first time that the olfactory layering concept has been used in the personal care segment! That is why we have taken this innovative collection to the extreme, with new textures, upgraded formulations and unusual ways to take care of the skin.

Furthermore, apart from our usual stand at the BWME, stand F28, which has been focused on fine fragrances and home care, we have had a new stand, G32, featuring personal care.  This is a result of our push to body care segment.  Both stands have proved extremely popular during the trade fair thanks to the high-tech features that have made an enormous impact, with visitors enjoying their dynamic, multisensory, delightful and interactive possibilities.

We have again made an impression at Beautyworld Middle East.  Because creativity is a way of thinking and, most of all, a way of being.  Congrats team!