Perfumes, like Photographs Can Capture a Moment in Time

Certain recognizable smells are like familiar photographs. A smell and a picture are capable of transporting you back in time and in space, and both can awaken powerful memories and emotions. Instantly, you are back in your past. I approach perfume creation a little bit like a photographer, looking to capture a moment through her lens.

Once I have a solid understanding of your brand and the perfume brief, I envision the perfect fragrance for the project. I then work, rework and fine-tune my composition to bring my idea to life, just like a photographer, balancing colors and contrasts before developing her picture.

But perfumery is not only about the past, but also very much about living in the present. Every day I discover a new scent, the subtlety of a raw material or the powerful olfactive result of combining certain ingredients. In recent years, I have been focusing on the fascinating universe of fragrances from the Middle East. Every chance I get, I travel to Dubai and the surrounding region to immerse myself in the different local cultures and to dive deeper into Middle Eastern perfumery.

These days, I am particularly attracted to the sensuality of ambergris, the sparklingness of pink pepper and the mystic of incense. Of course I will combine these raw materials with others to compose perfumes that will make the users of your fragrance feel unrivaled and sensual.