Air Care

Beautiful Scents to Embellish Your Consumers’ Homes

Air Care Fragrances Allow Your Consumers to Create Their Ideal Home Ambience
The fragrances we develop for your air care products enable your consumers to create, in their homes, a world that feels safe and comfortable, and reflects their personality and aspirations.  We love the idea that our scents embellish so many homes across the planet.

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XCandles and Incense
XAir Freshener Sprays
XLiquid Air Fresheners


The Smell of Special Occasions and Celebratory Events

Being part of your consumers’ special occasions thanks to the bakhoor fragrances we create fills us with pride at Eurofragance.  With years of locally-acquired experience under their belt, the Perfumers and Fragrance Development Managers (FDMs) in our Dubai Creative Center are set to tackle your bakhoor briefs.

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Bakhoor Scented Wood Chips

A Natural Ingredient and Tradition That Olfactively Defines the Arab World
Oud, produced by agarwood, has been used for thousands of years in the Arab world to produce perfumes and bakhoor, scented woodchips burned as incense.  Today, Eurofragance is a leader in developing bakhoor fragrances that can be traditional or reinterpreted with a modern twist.

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Candles and Incense

It’s a Bright Idea to Have Scented Candles in Your Product Portfolio
There is always something a little bit special about lighting a stick of incense or a scented candle.  When your consumers light a candle it is often to celebrate something; we believe that fragrance should be part of this significant moment for them.

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Scented Candles

The Magical Home Fragrancing Item
At Eurofragance, we feel that a perfectly fragranced candle can deliver beauty, serenity, a moment of escape filled with powerful emotions.  In-house Perfumers love this format because almost everything is possible when considering a concept and its fragrance interpretation.

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In the United States, scented candles generate greater sales than men’s fragrance

Wax Melts

Candlelight Atmosphere and Fragrance Without Fire or Smoke
If your product portfolio includes scented candles, than wax melts are a logical line extension.  The advantages of wax melts over candles are numerous for you and your consumers.  So next time you trust us with a scented candle brief, allow the Eurofragance Development Teams to explore wax melts too.

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Air Freshener Sprays

There is no Escaping These Extremely Functional and Efficacious Air Freshener Formats

Candles and reed diffusers are often decorative air fresheners that can be left on display.  On the other hand, your consumers rely also on aerosol and pump spray air fresheners that are pulled out of the cupboard when the circumstance demands effectiveness and fast action.

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Aerosols and Pump Sprays

An Indispensable Format That Is Now Greener Than Ever
The Development Team at Eurofragance is happy to work with you on the creation of fragrances for your brands in these two popular formats.  It’s worth noting that pump sprays, and now aerosols allow for interesting eco-friendly claims.  

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Liquid Air Fresheners

Great Home Fragrancing Options That are Hassle-Free for Your Consumers
Reed diffusers and plug-in air fresheners have a few things in common.  By designing decorative diffusers, these two formats have become increasingly trendy, but fragrance remains their raison d’être.  The right perfume—the one your consumer will fall in love with—is everything in this segment.

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Reed diffusers are continuing their rapid… diffusion around the globe

Reed Diffusers

The Trendiest Home Fragrancing System
The principle of keeping things simple certainly applies to reed diffusers.  They are simple to manufacture, offer a range of possibilities when it comes to fragrance and price, and they are, in many markets, all the rage.  The only challenge is creating the fragrance, but we’re here to help.

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Plug-in Air Freshener

The Home Fragrancing Device That (Almost) Never Quits
Cheap looking devices with poorly formulated perfumes are out!  Plug-in air fresheners have become stylish and their fragrances trendy.  Perfumers at Eurofragance can design scents for plug-ins that last up to 45 days with no loss of intensity over time.

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