Take the Road Less Traveled By

I don’t think outside the box—I break the box and then stick its pieces in a bottle with other ingredients to create a fragrance.  Some say that I am a rebel, but I prefer to describe myself as a `nonconformist,’ a free-thinker who won’t go in the opposite direction, but rather take another road to reach a destination.  

I am grateful that several close family relatives, who were Perfumers, left me with a legacy of love for fragrances.  They encouraged me very young to discover the world through my senses and to value nature, in particular its smells and tastes.  This predisposition is of great relevance in my present profession as Senior Perfumer.  When I develop a fragrance, I see to it that every ingredient plays a meaningful role in my creation.  I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite perfumery raw material, because each one offers something special, but I will confess to going through periods in my career when I am really quite `obsessed’ with a particular ingredient.  I will often take this raw material du jour and see how far I can twist it and combine it to break the usual codes of perfume design.

If I have the chance to work on one of your projects, I will put my creativity and passion for these raw materials in the flacon, along with all the emotions you desire.