Listen to the Client, Then Your Heart

I have worked over twenty years in Perfumery, here in Mexico, but almost half my career has been at Eurofragance. I practically opened the Mexican branch here with six other colleagues, in order for us to properly address project requests coming from all countries of Latin America.

To have this proximity to you, our Latin American clients, is essential in our development of successful scents for fragrance aficionados across all product formats. I feel that this geographical closeness also benefits you. It reduces the delivery time of our fragrances, while increasing the level of service we offer you when it comes to creation process and compliance procedures.

My personal love for perfume and their design had me developing household and prestige fragrances in the early part of my career, but now I enjoy working in all categories and types of projects.

If you are interested in what Eurofragance can offer your company, I propose we make a bet. First, you tell me about all the aspirations you have for the project, about the product, the consumer and your competitors, everything you can. And in return, we will create a fragrance together that I bet you will fall in love with. I feel that as Perfumers, we must interact with you and hear your side of the story before we can translate your vision into a dream come true.