Natural Raw Materials Should Be Prized and Respected

It is during a holiday trip to Egypt that I realized at 17 years old that I wanted to enter the world of perfumery. I visited a factory that distilled essential oils from roses, a raw material I fell in love with. This revelation led me to complete a Bachelor of Science in chemistry followed by a Master’s degree at ISIPCA.

After my studies, I worked as a Trainee in Grasse, in a fragrance house renowned for its expertise in natural ingredients. Under the tutelage of a Senior Perfumer, I discovered the importance of natural raw materials in fragrance creation and how we need to preserve and protect them as they could disappear from one day to the next.

I have been described by my colleagues as a `methodically creative,’ which I guess is a good thing to be, as long as the result is delicate and subtle, and leads to a win. Approaching a project with academic rigor, all the while remaining a bit of a poet at heart, has served me especially well on personal care projects. This does not preclude me from also working with passion on fine fragrance briefs. The accords I create on fine fragrance projects often become an inspiration for personal care perfumes and vice-versa. I recently discovered, for instance, that gourmand accords, traditionally used in personal care, show their depth and impact in fine fragrances. No matter the category, as long as the inspiration is there.