Lucas Sieuzac has joined Eurofragance as a senior  Fine Fragrance perfumer. Sieuzac comes from a dynasty of French perfumers and has more than 25 years’ experience in the sector. In addition, his experience extends to various territories which has given him a broad knowledge of the markets Europeans and North Americans.

During his career, he has worked in many locations around the world, and most of all has extensive experience in the North American and European markets.

Sieuzac has worked at companies like Florasynth-Paris & Grasse, Créations Aromatiques and Symrise in Paris and Cosmo International Fragrances in Miami. His outstanding work has been acknowledged with a “Prix Lalique” from the Centre de Luxe et de la Création.

According to Sieuzac, Eurofragance “is a company in continual contact with clients, which is essential for creating fragrances tailored to their needs”. Sieuzac says that fragrance creation “it is one of the most complicated of the arts, since it involves transforming emotions into scents, so you need to be passionate about what you do”.

Lucas Sieuzac is a big gamble and expected inclusion in Eurofragance, who will contribute his enormous expertise to the Fine Fragrance segment as part of the team of perfumers focused on the Arab Gulf market, enriching his knowledge of French perfumery and creating new works of art with exceptional raw materials from the Middle East, so present in the palette of the perfumers of Eurofragance.