The Fascinating Power of Our Sense of Smell

Before even considering fragrances and perfumery, it is the incredible power of the sense of smell which fascinated me.  Of our five senses, it’s the most instinctive and underexploited, the one that connects us to buried memories and emotions—it’s both captivating and stirring.  Despite being naturally inclined towards studies in the arts and literature, my love for scents drove me to attend ISIPCA, the first step to transform a passion into a profession—Perfumer.     

My curiosity to better understand our sense of smell also transpires in my attraction for the unknown.  I am always eager to discover new places, explore innovative processes and experiment with unique raw materials.  As an insatiable explorer, I like to be on the move, in constant motion.  This led me, several years ago, to trek alone across South India to connect at a deeper level with new smells and fragrances.  My trip was conceived around the visit of flower plantations, which allowed me to discover unforgettable scents in their natural environment.  This breathtaking journey brought me closer to a culture where flowers and perfumes are of the utmost importance in people’s daily life.  

At Eurofragance, when I translate one of your briefs into a perfume, I am actually transforming an abstract notion into a concrete creation.  But above all, I am aiming to bring some pleasure to your consumers regardless of the product they use.  There are few things in life that will bring a bigger smile to my face than being able to create a fragrance that delivers joy and happiness.