Manufacturing Fragrances and Partnerships

Manufacturing Operations Designed to Deliver Quality and Reliability

Even With Successful Growth, We Have Never Forgotten the Importance of Reliability

During our first ten years, perfumes were produced in batches of all sizes in an industrial hangar in Terrassa, province of Catalonia, Spain.  In true entrepreneurial fashion, our humble beginnings were made of long days, tough manual labor and plenty of youthful enthusiasm.
Back then, like today, we treated every customer order with the same dedication and respect for your business.
With success came the need to begin manufacturing at an industrial level, and the first automated plant opened in Rubí, in the vicinity of Terrassa in 2000.  Ever since, the men and women who work in our factories around the world abide by a simple principle: “reliable excellence.”  Every day—and night—all year, their single objective is to manufacture and deliver the highest quality fragrances along with the best customer service, in all circumstances, all the time.


The Men and Women We All Count On

"Essential workers” have never been more important than in these uncertain times.  The Eurofragancers on our production sites have once again proven that in all circumstances they are 100% committed to keeping our businesses running as smoothly as can be.

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Production plants and warehouses account for
100 full time jobs.


An Infrastructure That Delivers High Productivity and Great Quality

While we have the adaptability and agility of a mid-size fragrance house, our production capabilities rival some of the largest manufacturers.  Mostly through organic growth, significant capital expenditures and key strategic alliances, Eurofragance perfumes are now produced in six countries.

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Supply Chain and Logistics

Wherever You Might Be, You Can Benefit From Our Expertise

Thanks to our strategic presence in hub locations such as Barcelona, Mexico, Singapore and Dubai, coupled with manufacturing partners in China, India and the United States, we are either where you are, or never too far away.  You are the first to benefit from our proximity and speed of reactivity.

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We Are Compliant Because We Care About Eurofragancers, You and the Planet

Because the fragrance industry belongs to the chemistry sector, our Compliance Department has a laser focus on the potential environmental and safety issues inherent in manufacturing perfumes.  When it comes to the wellbeing of people and planet, we are uncompromising.  

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Investing in Operations and Engaging Coworkers Will Ensure Future Growth

We are on a never-ending mission to implement new systems and best practices on all our existing sites.  Our operations are in constant evolution to assure you, our customers, the best quality fragrances and irreproachable service. 
Eurofragance has always been one step ahead when it comes to improving the efficiency of our plants, for example via the acquisition of the latest automation systems and robotics. 
This is a philosophy we will pursue as we continue to grow, but we will always keep the communication channels wide open with the men and women who work in our factories and warehouses, while ensuring their everyday safety and wellbeing. 
None of us will ever forget the 2020 - 2021 pandemic and the hardship we collectively experienced.  Of all the images that marked this period, I will long remember the resolve, resilience and solution-oriented creativity demonstrated by the men and women who kept working in our factories and warehouses.  If production never stopped and we were able to provide you with excellent fragrances and service, it is thanks to their dedication.  I can only express my deep gratitude and admiration to each one of them.

Joan Pere Jimenez

Chief Operations Officer