Eurofragance, fragrance creator company, has finished upgrading its plant in Mexico as part of its strategic development and innovation plan, started in 2018. The purpose of the project is to assure service and quality for the customer satisfaction and assume the growing demand of the Mexican market.

Eurofragance’s Mexico manufacturing plant has been operating since April 2012, producing for the Latin American market Fine Fragrances, Personal Care, Fabric Care and Home Care.

The renewal in the manufacturing plant has been planned with a lean strategy. By building a new mezzanine and adding two commodities 10 Tons big tanks, we changed our way to dosing and filling from the standard one to the gravity system. Therefore, we reduce the time of dosing, and filling and increase the working surface allowing us to double its installed capacity from 250 to 500 tons.

The warehouse facility has also been improved, and to assure the quality of the final product, we inaugurated a new analysis area with new masses and chrome equipment.
Andres Pages, general manager for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, adds, “this will assure to keep the 95% delivery success rate in the delivery dates.”
The upgrade started in 2018 with improvements in lead times, increase in storage and energy consumption reduction to meet our sustainable standards.