• The fragrance house wins gold for its new captive L’Âme du Bois™, a naturally derived ingredient created from upcycled sawdust
  • The multinational also placed third in the category “Company Most Committed to Sustainability”
  • These awards recognize the best sustainability-focused companies, brands, products, ingredients and initiatives in the beauty sector in Spain

Barcelona, 9 June 2022. – The fragrance house Eurofragance took home gold in the category of “Best Raw Material” for its ingredient L’Âme du Bois™ during the second edition of the VPC Green Beauty Awards.  It also won bronze in the category “Company Most Committed to Sustainability.”  Organized by Ventas de Perfumería y Cosmética magazine, these awards recognize the efforts of companies in the “beauty” sector in Spain.

The jury, made up of representatives from different areas and institutions in the cosmetics and perfumery industry, evaluated companies, products, ingredients and accomplishments related to ethics, ecology and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The award for best raw material was received by Felipe San Juan, Senior R&D Scientist at Eurofragance, at an in-person award ceremony held at the H10 Metropolitan hotel in Barcelona. “We are very grateful for this recognition for the creation of L’Âme du Bois™, our recent captive, the fruit of three years of hard work,” said the senior R&D Scientist.  The person responsible for accepting the third place award in the category “Company Most Committed to Sustainability” was Diana March, Global Technical Compliance Manager at Eurofragance, who leads the company’s sustainability committee.  “I want to thank all the people who have made this recognition possible and, especially, the sustainability team for their efforts and contributions to our company,” March said.

While Eurofragance is committed to sustainability across the board, the company spearheads activities around four major axes: safety, biodiversity, community and resources.  Its innovation teams work daily in search of solutions that combine sustainability and efficiency in order to create fragrances with ingredients, such as L’Âme du Bois™, that are respectful and safe.


L’Âme du Bois™, best sustainable raw material

Last year, Eurofragance launched its first captive, L’Âme du Bois™, an exclusive, sustainable and innovative ingredient made from naturally upcycled sawdust. This new raw material fills a gap in the olfactive family of woody notes and boasts a gender-neutral olfactory profile, in line with today’s genderless trend in perfumery.

The process of creating L’Âme du Bois™ began with the objective of eliminating, through natural purification methods, the superfluous and parasitic molecules of the wood compound, while maintaining those that had interesting fragrant qualities. This purification step, repeated over several months, led to the discovery of an ingredient with a surprising, yet highly desirable perfumistic profile that retains the soul of wood.

L’Âme du Bois™ is used for the design of selective fragrances in fine perfumery, home care and personal care.  This high-impact composition harmonizes with other ingredients in the fragrance formula and enhances their individual characteristics, especially those in the woody olfactive family.

This creation represents a new milestone in the history of Eurofragance, a well-established midsize company that competes with the largest perfume houses.  It is also a major step forward in the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, since the ingredient was made by upcycling waste material.

Both awards, presented at the Green Beauty Gala, recognize Eurofragance’s work related to sustainability and its environmental actions. The young multinational is committed to tackling the new challenges of the industry and to integrating sustainability into the decision-making and philosophy of the company, which works to honor its slogan: “Making Scents, Caring for People and Planet.”