Published Oct 25, 2022
Eurofragance presents the ArtLab Gallery at Beautyworld Middle East 2022

  • The ArtLab Gallery is a tribute to the artistic world, where one can discover works of art, ranging from paintings to perfumes.

  • The fragrance house brings together creators from two artistic universes and two different cultures, inviting them to connect, inspire one another and create together.

  • Eurofragance shows its support for local culture and young women artists who personify the company’s values.

Barcelona and Dubai, October 25, 2022 – Eurofragance, the Barcelona-based perfume house, is to open its ArtLab Gallery to visitors at this year’s Beautyworld Middle East between October 31st and November 2nd.  Eurofragance’s ArtLab Gallery is a space that exhibits several works that are the fruit of the collaboration between different Perfumers and Artists.  Held annually in Dubai, Beautyworld Middle East is the largest trade fair in the region devoted to the beauty industry, which includes cosmetics, fragrances and well-being products.

The Eurofragance ArtLab Gallery, a tribute to artistic creation

This year, Eurofragance will welcome, in its ArtLab Gallery, customers, business prospects and visitors passionate about scents and in search of inspiration and creativity.  Eurofragance considers perfume creation an art form all unto itself.  The word “lab” in ArtLab Gallery refers to the place where perfumes are created.  For Eurofragance the ArtLab Gallery is an environment where connections are made, where Artists from different worlds can meet and collaborate on a common project.  This creative setting invites visitors to make connections with themselves, through the emotions that are awoken by the works exhibited in the gallery.

For its ArtLab Gallery, Eurofragance decided to seek inspiration from the artistic collaboration between young women Artists and accomplished Perfumers.  The result of this collaboration is a collection of five artistic creations that combine visual arts and perfume design.

Eurofragance has carved out for itself a reputation for designing highly creative fine fragrances, and in particular, exceptional Middle Eastern perfumes—a category of products in which they can rightfully be considered world leaders.  Yet always eager to take creativity to the next level and perpetuate the tradition of creating bespoke perfumes, Eurofragance incessantly looks for disruptive ideas and possible new trends from the most unusual sources.

Collaboration, inspiration and creation

The artwork presented at Eurofragance’s ArtLab Gallery is the result of the collaboration of five young women Artists, currently established in Dubai, ranging between 17 and 21 years of age, and six Eurofragance perfume Creators.  Working in unison, the Artist-Perfumer pair shared ideas and challenged one another’s perspective, in a virtuous circle approach.  This modus operandi gave a voice to young female Artists and nourished Perfumers with fresh ideas and a youthful perspective.

Each work of art includes a visual element, such as a painting, and a perfume to complete it.  The scents are presented in fine fragrance, personal care and air care applications; the exhibited artwork ranges from acrylic on canvas to wax sculptures and onto the use of digital screens.

Supporting women Artists who personify Eurofragance’s values

From day one, going back to 1990, Eurofragance has supported culture under its many forms and has always appreciated what it brings to local communities.  So, deciding to present its latest fragrance creations in a gallery was in keeping with the company’s ethos.  But more importantly, Eurofragance wished to show its support for up-and-coming, young female Artists.  The possibility of shining the spotlight on these highly creative women, all currently studying in the United Arab Emirates, is an additional way for Eurofragance to show its attachment to a region that has brought so much to the company over the years.

Eurofragance found in each of these young women Artists, a person full of conviction, an individual who exhibited true passion for her creative work and a real desire to collaborate.  The cohort also showed entrepreneurial audacity and an earnest willingness to work hard in order to overcome challenges.

Antoine de Riedmatten, Global Business Unit Director, Fine Fragrance and the General Manager IMEA based in Dubai says: “There is a lot going on at the Eurofragance stand this year, but if there are two key things to take away from our ArtLab Gallery, they are our creativity and our values.  We do things differently at Eurofragance and we are on the constant lookout for creative inspiration.  This space is dedicated to creativity and to the collaboration between artists.  Our values compel us to connect with people from different horizons and cultures.  This is why we give young women Artists the opportunity to be seen, heard and celebrated.”
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