Published Oct 26, 2017
Eurofragance launches Halal certified fragrances

  • Eurofragance envisages expanding the sale of these fragrances for global need


Eurofragance, a company specializing in the design and creation of fragrances, has now added the capability to produce Halal certified fragrances at its Singapore Rapido production facility. The company recently obtained Halal certification for fragrances produced in its Singapore factory, thereby demonstrating its firm commitment to growth on the Asian market.  According to Markus Steger, General Manager of Eurofragance Asia-Pacific, “We see a large opportunity in providing Halal certification for key markets for the Asia region and beyond.  This can only grow as interest in Halal products gain market share” Indeed, Eurofragance also envisages expanding the sale of these fragrances to other countries with an interest in Halal certification globally.

Fragrances made at Eurofragrances’ Singapore production plant can now be registered as Halal compliant.  For Markus Steger, it is a case of “offering the right level of service to all our clients so that they can respond to their market and consumers' needs.” Asia is a strategic area for the growth of Eurofragance, where significant investments were made in both a new creative center, dedicated mainly to R & D, and a production plant in Singapore.  This recent investment meant that Eurofragance would have three production plants; Barcelona, Mexico and Singapore, and four creative centers; Barcelona, Mexico, Singapore and Dubai.
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