Published Ene 13, 2021
Eurofragance, Cerabella And Diari Ara Have Joined Forces To Create Essencials, A Solidarity Project Designed To Support The Cultural Sector

Barcelona, 4 January 2021. With the aim of saving culture and supporting its continuity in its most difficult year, Eurofragance, Cerabella and Diari ARA have created a very special solidarity project, "Essencials".  The companies wanted to support the sector in the best way they know how: by creating an exclusive collection of signature candles with scents inspired by each of the cultural sectors.  Essencials has united actors, actresses, writers, musicians, and others, who have sponsored each of these candles for a charitable cause.

All the profits raised by this initiative will go entirely to the Booksellers Guild and associations such as PAC (Audiovisual Producers of Catalonia), GAC (Art Galleries Guild of Catalonia), APCC (Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia), ASACC (Association of Concert Halls of Catalonia) and the AADPC (Associations of Professional Actors and Directors of Catalonia).

The candles, available from 27 December, are available on the website that the companies have designed especially for the project:

Let's keep the flame of culture alive

Smell has the incredible ability to teleport us to certain moments in time or to remember certain people.  Do you remember what a cinema smells like? What a library smells like? What fragrances remind us of a theater?

With the mission of evoking these such special and yearned-for fragrances, Eurofragrance perfumers, Belén García, Julia Rodríguez and Isabel Gil, have recreated the smell of cinema, theater, circus, museum, literature and music so that we can remember those cultural experiences that have given us so many beautiful moments and, at the same time, support a sector as diverse as culture.  To make this project a reality, candle maker Cerabella has given the scents shape with their iconic candles.

Each cultural sector is represented with a different fragrance and design, thanks to the collaboration with well-known Catalan designers such as Jordi Labanda, Júlia Sardà and Verònica Fuerte whose creativity has made it possible.  Likewise, renowned names in the sector such as Aina Clotet, Empar Moliner and Bruno Oro also participated in the process by conceptualizing the meaning of each candle.

CINEMA, for cinema lovers

Laughter, whispers and tears are combined in cinema halls, along with the unmistakable smell of popcorn, sweets and the classic velvet seats.  Actress and scriptwriter Aina Clotet and illustrator Júlia Sardà developed the concept of this candle, achieving a fragrance reminiscent of popcorn; the aromas of salt, vanilla and sugar create a magical combination that transports us to the cinema in seconds.  The fragrance was created by the perfumer Isabel Gil.

THEATRE, the candle that reminds us of the magic of the stage

The curtain rises and a timid murmur mixes with the first nerves that start to surface.  Iconic comedian and actor Bruno Oro, along with famous designer Jordi Labanda, conceptualized the emotions we experience in the theater with this very special candle.  Aromas such as osmanthus flower and orchid blend with benzoin resin and vanilla so that we can relive those special moments experienced in the theater.  The fragrance was created by Julia Rodríguez.

LITERATURE, the smell of the magic of letters

Bookstores and libraries are magical places where a thousand stories and adventures coexist, ready for readers to choose which one they want to experience.  To recreate that sensation, scents such as papyrus, cedar wood, vanilla and bergamot come together to generate a warm, intimate atmosphere, like the one we experience in bookstores.  Journalist and writer Empar Moliner, together with book illustrator Cristina Losantos were in charge of conceptualizing this special candle.  The fragrance was created by Isabel Gil.

MUSIC, a candle full of emotions

Considered our refuge on many occasions, music has become a faithful companion that accompanies us in the most special moments of our lives.  Well-known composer and pianist Manu Guix and illustrator Riki Blanco form the duo that conceptualized the scent of this art, with aromas such as liquor, nutmeg, leather and tobacco leaf.  The fragance was created by Julia Rodríguez.

CIRCUS, fragrances that evoke fascination and surprise

The lights go down and the tent is filled with bright colors, acrobatics and juggling, astonishing the audience.  Founder of the emblematic Circ Cric, Tortell Poltrona and designer Verónica Fuerte were the ones in charge of conceptualizing this candle that combines the exoticism of cardamom and saffron with patchouli, jasmine and pink pepper, transporting us to the magic of the circus.  The fragrance was created by Belén García.

MUSEUM, a candle that represents wisdom and curiosity

From a young age, we’ve explored the wonderful corridors that have revealed the secrets of history to us.  With this candle, exhibition curator Albert Mercadé and illustrator Mari Fouz wanted to symbolize the smell of museums.  To do so, they made use of scents such as bergamot, pepper, sandalwood and lemon.  The fragrance was created by Julia Rodríguez.

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