An appealing fragrance can be the best of presents

Have you noticed that perfume ads are increasing on TV? It is that time of the year. It is the moment when we start thinking what to buy for our loved ones for Christmas. Perfume is always a good choice. But, be careful, you need to know well the person you are buying the perfume for.

Who doesn´t like to receive an enchanting fragrance for Christmas? It is like receiving clothes. Perfume is something you will wear. Most of us like to change our perfume according to the season we are in. So, as we have told you previously, it is really common for consumers to have a “scents wardrobe”.

Perfumes make us dream about different universes; they take us back in time; remind us different feelings, and help us have sensorial experiences. Furthermore, Christmas is one of those moments of the year when we are more open to feel, to love, to dream and to enjoy.

Eurofragance headquarters, offices and centers are especially perfumed these days.  You can sense the spiced and sweet olfactory notes of our products.  On Christmas our production increases as brands want to launch special products and we work hard to deliver clients´ requested fragrances on time.

The fragrances we create during this season are designed for perfumes and also other products such as candles or body care lotions.

Our experts tell us the most common scents in winter are those which are hypnotizing, sweet, wooded and spiced.  It is a cold season so we prefer warm perfumes.

This year the trend both for men and women perfumes is the same: fragrances designed with typical Middle Eastern perfumery ingredients.  We now go for spiced scents, woody scents and scents with components like leather.  Gourmand fragrances are still in fashion but they are more sophisticated and faceted.

Other question we are lately discussing about is the public preference for niche scents instead of well-known brands scents.  In this case, both options are recommended.  Niche perfumes offer us more presumptuous fragrances and allow us to be different.  However, traditional brands are innovating more and more in order to keep their market share.  So, this is entirely up to you.

At Eurofragance we are already enjoying the fragrances you will soon smell at shops…Exciting!

Have you already decided what type of perfume you will buy for Christmas?