A Review of What We Will Serve up to Visitors at the Fair

If you visit our stand at in-cosmetics—and you definitely should—you better come with a big appetite for inspiring innovations and sensorial discoveries.  As you know by now, our theme this year centers around our collaboration with Michelin starred Chef, Joel Castanyé, but there is a whole lot more on the menu this spring.

Let’s start with the setting of the venue.  Eurofragance will be located at Stand M30 from Tuesday, March 28th until Thursday, 30th included at the in-cosmetics fair.  Reservations aren’t required, but it will be standing room only in the Eurofragance area.  For the occasion, we designed an airy open space, with two walls out repurposed and natural materials.  A large, communal table, is set at the center of the stand and divided into different sections that each present a different theme.

 A couple amuse-bouches to get started

To whet your appetite, here are a couple of amuse-bouches that you will discover on the communal table: a demonstration of how effective our malodor counteracting technologies work.  This “show and smell” activity centers around Verdenix™, our latest active ingredient that is part of EuroPure™ platform dedicated to counteracting unpleasant smells.  You are invited to learn more about both EuroPure™ and Verdenix™ at our stand and on our website, but also do plan to attend the Technical Seminar that Marco Lombardi, ITM Scientist at Eurofragance, will be giving on Tuesday, March 28th at 3:30pm at the fair in Theater 1.

Additionally, in the demonstration area, you will be able to interact with some pretty cool Body Care product formulations, such as a 2-in-1 Hair Care product inspired by a famous treat.  These fun, fancy, food-inspired applications imagined by our Sensolab will get your creative juices flowing.

Not to be missed appetizers

In order to prepare a great dish, you need great ingredients.  Well, it is no different in perfumery; it takes admirable raw materials to create admirable fragrances.  At our stand, you cannot miss our ICON Sensorial Wall, which presents five perfumery ingredients that we are especially fond of these days.  These ingredients are presented as raw materials as well as in fragrance creations.

ICON is our new strategy for an improved palette, with more qualitative and sustainable ingredients to create with.  To learn everything you need to know about our ICON Program, be sure to attend a presentation on the subject given by Natacha Jérome, Technical Perfumer at Eurofragance, on March 30th at 1pm in the Sustainability Corner.

Building up to our pièce de résistance

The impetus for our work at this year’s in-cosmetics is our collaboration with Chef Joel Castanyé of La Boscana in Lleida, Spain.  Our Perfumers have been exchanging with him for several months before each of us, in our respective fields, came up with some outstanding creations in terms of both fragrances and flavors.  And yes, ingredients from our ICON Collections were used by both the Chef and the Perfumers.

At our stand, don’t miss out on smelling these outstanding creations that are presented in Fine Fragrance or Personal Care applications.  In some instances, you will recognize an ingredient or two, but more importantly, let the fragrances transport you.  A direct reinterpretation is not always what matters, it’s how the fragrance makes you feel, and these compositions are inspiring.

Room for dessert? 

Food cannot be served at our stand at in-cosmetics, but we have organized a Sensorial Cocktail Experience for some of our VIP guests on March 29th at 8pm at an offsite location, where one will be able to taste more than a dozen, bite-size dishes prepared by Chef Castanyé.  It will also be the opportunity to, once again, smell the fabulous fragrance creations inspired by this collaboration.

That about wraps it up.  We now expect to see you at our Stand M30 between March 28th and 30th at the in-cosmetics Global fair for an overloaded sensorial experience that you will want to write home about.  So don’t miss out and remember, no reservations required.