Time really does fly! We are already in the final stretch of 2018, which seems to us like a good time to take stock and get ready for what 2019 has in store. Which were this year’s main trends in the world of perfume? Which were the most successful ingredients this year? And, most excitingly, what can we expect next season? In an earlier article, we talked about women’s perfumes, so, this time we’re going to look at what’s new in the men’s sector, and revisit unique combinations of accords that the creative team at Eurofragance has designed. Keep reading and discover what’s new for your skin.

Fragrances for men. From acidic freshness to exotic forests

As we said in a previous post, there is a booming trend: new citrus fruits.  This family of trees produces unfamiliar fruits such as the chinotto, the kumquat and the grapefruit, which are now starting to appear in some highly original, innovative ways, giving a new twist to the classic fresh scents of bergamot, lemon and orange.  How about if we combine them with ginger, jasmine or cyclamen? A total delight for men who are looking for a light, clean, elegant fragrance.

We have also seen a move towards more classic, fougère structures.  A historical segment in men’s perfumery, a combination of lavender and rosemary with woody notes, modernized here with fresh green notes such as basil and black tea.

What’s more refreshing than the sea breeze? A breath of fresh air that will remain when summer is no more than a memory.  Salty, watery notes take on a masculine touch when combined with woody notes.  Eurofragance also suggests mixtures of daring ingredients, such as the grey amber, which is still present in many fragrances because of its marked character and clean, floral marine nuances, which make it almost unique.  Many perfumes in the market strengthen its structure with notes of moss and grey amber to create fragrances for studiously up-to-date men with enveloping bases.  The perfumers at Eurofragance are well versed in this trend and are already revolutionizing their creations with new, surprising marine notes.  The power of the ocean in a bottle.

And if fresh trends emerge from water, more sensual trends are extracted from natural elements of the earth: spices, wood and resins.  Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, peppers of all kinds or even anise can completely transform a structure with subtle nuances.

Exotic woods rarely found in perfumery are also very much in vogue.  After the rise of Oudh, perfumers are experimenting with other woods unfamiliar to the general public.  These are perfect for men who prefer to wear warm and mysterious scent, with accords inspired by ebony, mahogany or rosewood.

The latest trend has emerged from forests, richer and more natural.  Resins and balsams, both exotic and captivating, imbue men’s fragrances with the richness of mysterious, faraway lands.  And it is this enigmatic touch that is responsible for the success of fragrances that include ingredients with spiritual connotations, like incense, myrrh and Tolu balsam.  Along these lines, Eurofragance has created two compositions that combine balsams and woods with daring touches of pure cocoa and floral notes.  Unique perfumes for men with personality.

Did you know about these trends? Are there any that you follow? In 2019, dare to innovate and select fragrances that truly reflect your character.