Know what moves us

We usually write on this blog about fragrances, business vitality, team building and the marvellous sense of smell. So you all, our fantastic readers, get to know more about the fascinating world of perfume and about our company itself. However, we haven’t talked about Eurofragance´s heart yet.

What moves us? Being an international company with family roots has empowered us to think global without forgetting the importance of local matters.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan aims to help people, help different causes and improve the world we live in. It sounds typical, but it is not. Our Social Responsibility action plan is implemented by collaborating with external projects. We focus on three groups: children and families facing social exclusion, research into diseases and sponsorship.

  • Children and families facing social exclusion. Everyone should have the same right to access to education and live without hunger or elemental needs. To avoid this happen we associate with Educo, Caritas, Casals dels Infants, Fundación Adsis, Fundación Theodora, ASAV, Banc dels aliments, Fundació Natura Bisse and Fundació Nuria Garcia.
  • Research into diseases. To experience the world, feel emotions and capture sensations, we use our five senses. Hence, as a company who pursues capturing sensations, we want help people who have health issues and illnesses like cancer or Alzheimer, for them to have a better quality of life, for them to experience the world without restrictions. So we support organizations such as AECC, FERO, ONCOLLIGA and Fundació Pascual Maragall.
  • Sponsorship. Culture is essential to us because it is one of the most important elements of creativity and innovation. We sponsor cultural societies as the Gran Teatre del Liceu.

Finally, we take this post as a chance to thank our team for their support and collaboration in creating a work environment where heart comes first. Our Eurofragancers always get involved in charity initiatives and also share the values of the company. They are our best ambassadors. They are the veins that keep alive our scented heart.