We were in Paris last week for the third year in a row to attend the in-cosmetics Global fair. At our stand visitors discovered exciting new fragrances, innovations and product applications all served with a heavy dose of creativity. Most notably, this year, our main theme was Scentphony which brought together the worlds of perfumery and music. And just as important and relevant, we were also presenting our third captive by the name of Euphorion™. Our Sensolab was also displayed to present some new personal care product applications and showcase our blooming capabilities.

Scentphony Fragrance and Music Compositions

In our daily work, we are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration.  This is particularly true for our Perfumers who crave new experiences and stimuli.  Last year, at in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona, we showed off the fruits of our collaboration with Michelin starred Chef Joel Castanyé.  For somewhat of a drastic change, this year, we opted for the world of music and worked with Alex Aller, a young and talented Spanish Music Composer.  The project was named Scentphony and it raises the questions: Can you hear a scent?  Can you smell a symphony?

Starting with one of the mega trends powered by TrendScenteur®, our prospective marketing tool, Perfumers and the Composer set off to interpret the chosen trend in terms of smells and sounds.  Fragrance creator and Musician fed one another ideas and each party remained open to input from the other in the creative process.  There are similarities between the two universes, not only in the words used, but also in the emotions both art forms can evoke.  A short documentary was made to capture how our Perfumers: Isabel Gil, Angéline Leporini, Soizic Beaucourt and Julia Rodríguez partook in this cocreation exercise with Alex Aller.

At in-cosmetics, visitors were invited to learn about a specific mega trend and then discover the fragrance and music compositions that were inspired by it. The scent creations were presented in Fine Fragrance applications, Shampoos (in liquid and solid form), Shower Gels and a Candle Massage Oil. There were five stations for visitors to discover and at each one they could listen to the corresponding music composition that accompanied it. It is also worth noting that in each fragrance creation, at least one ICON ingredient was used in the formula.  ICON is a strategic Eurofragance project for a qualitative and more sustainable palette.

Euphorion™: Refreshing News in the World of Synthetic Captives

In-Cosmetics Global was also the occasion to officially introduce our latest captive, and first synthetic ingredient, named Euphorion™, which delivers a boost of freshness like few raw materials can, even when used in tiny doses. For this reason and for its highly unusual olfactive properties we refer to this new raw material as a high impact ingredient and it has been included in our ICON Program. Indeed, Euphorion™ also offers interesting sustainable properties.

To dive deeper into the Euphorion™ story, our Senior R&D Scientist Felipe San Juan gave a presentation during in-cosmetics on the particularities of this surprising ingredient.  Our website has a page dedicated to Euphorion™ and an in-depth Blog Story on it as well.  It was also possible to discover the power of Euphorion™ at our in-cosmetics stand, and to tour the new star ingredient, which could be appreciated in some of the fragrance creations we were presenting.

Still at in-cosmetics and on the subject of proprietary Eurofragance raw materials, Marina Melendo, R&D Scientist of Eurofragance gave a talk in the Sustainability Corner on the making of Verdenix™ and its impressive malodor counteracting properties.  For those who could not attend, we invite you to learn about this upcycled ingredient on the Verdenix™ website page.

SensoLab: a Demonstration of Fragrance Bloom

Fragrance bloom is important in perfumery.  Think of that burst of fragrance when you use a shower gel; it’s like an explosion of scents.  A blooming fragrance signals a positive, transformative action, and it is almost always a rewarding experience.  At our Stand, Marco Lombardi, Innovation to Market Personal Care Scientist at Eurofragance, recreated the blooming effect of a shower gel—but without the shower.  Eurofragance Scientists work in several innovation areas, and fragrance bloom is one of them.  They know what perfumery ingredients to use and how to design a fragrance so that, rinse-off personal care products, deliver that wow effect.

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