Dark Beauty, a daring message shaking up Beauty

The last Personal Care trend that we bring is Dark Beauty, a movement that involves not only one sense but all of them. The concept comes from an anti-conformist spirit and a rebellious desire of getting out of the comfort zone, trying new things… Consumers have developed a taste for experiment and create during the last few years. This way of understanding life takes unexpected raw materials and textures and put them into new contexts.

Provocative elements for a subversive way of life

Their preferences have a strong impact in haute couture, art and architecture where jewelled and precious textures are mixed to create extreme decoration. But also, prêt-à-porter fashion embraces Dark Beauty trend: alluring materials such as vinyl, chrome and leather emphasised through haltered shaping, provocative construction, and extreme detailing.

Personal care brands that follow the Dark Beauty style wrap their products in sensuality, decadent luxury and extreme ornamentation, scenery usually dressed in black and dark violet.

Raw materials most used in Dark Beauty trend

From exotic woods, charcoal or clay to rare flowers, leather and cashmere or silk are accords that are becoming frequent in fine fragrance, body and hair care.

While in bodycare segment we could find cosmetics and perfumes that mix elements such as liquorice and black vanilla, black orchid and wood or chamomile and lavender, in haircare, renowned brands get inspiration from metals or charcoal to create new formulas.

The Eurogragance’s bet

At Eurofragance we have been inspired by the Dark Beauty trend and respond to the increasing demand of daring combinations of natural and artificial elements.  For that reason, we propose two fragrances that expresses the characteristic sensuality and opulence of the trend:

Rose Kiss, a blend of orris, rose and sandalwood.

Ylang & Oudh, a perfect mix of saffron, jasmine, ylang and oud


Would you dare to explore a new world of sensations?