To be a global leader by Capturing Sensations with our fragrances we have had to invest, investigate and believe in our team. The result comes as four Creative Centres around the world which ensure the creation of enchanting fragrances. We have just inaugurated the fourth Creative Centre! Hello Singapore!

Have you ever heard about “Business Vitality” concept? It is always there when talking about economy and industry. However, it is only mentioned and not always taken into account to do business.

Most of companies nowadays plan to expand their activities and also, consequently, the sales. When Eurofragance was born the main goal was to grow as an international company but keeping the family values. It was a real challenge to expand it without loosing its essence.

Twenty-six years later, we got it! Thanks to our company´s vitality. Last week we inaugurated our forth creative centre, located in Singapore. Eurofragance undertook an ambitious growth plan at an international level, for which the Creative Centres are fundamental. With Singapore, the company has now four centers, including those in Dubai, Barcelona and Mexico. Dedicated to the design, evaluation and development of applications and fragrances, the Creative Centres are a fundamental piece in the company’s strategy. These facilities represent what we call business vitality, company initiatives to provide with the best product, the best service and the ultimate techniques to its clients. All by keeping the same essence that defined the company when it was first launched.

Over the last months, we have been announcing in several occasions our objective of increasing the presence in Asia-Pacific region. This area is strategic for Eurofragance, as its CEO, Santiago Sabatés, confirmed recently in an interview for the Spanish newspaper Expansión. That is also the reason to change the name of Eurofragance in Asia, from Eurofragance South East Asia PTE LTD, to Eurofragance Asia Pacífic PTE LTD.

Moreover, Eurofragance will be investing in a new production plant for its fragrances in the region. This future plant will involve an investment of several millions of euros and will allow Eurofragance to serve client needs even faster and with high quality.

Our vitality defines us, it has taken us to the top of fragrance market and we don´t want to stop creating, innovating, surprising and making clients and publics happy. Because fragrances are created to stay, to make us feel alive, to remind us different moments of our lives, etc. Such a duty must be done along with people, passion and creativity.