The sensorial and olfactive opportunities that fragrances offer to body care products are endless

What is your favourite scent? Would you believe us if we assured you that you can get the scent you love on a cosmetic product? Generally, we buy a good fine perfume when we think about our body odour. However, considering the use of products for body care such as creams or deodorants will help you get the scent you want in your skin. It will help you create a unique and pleasant fragrance for your body.

We are in summer, the season of the year when products for body care are most commonly used. We go to the beach or pool; we sunbathe or we go to the mountain for hiking; we actually do many outdoor activities. In short, any of these activities require the use of sunscreen before and a lotion afterwards because all these actions have an effect on the skin and can be damaging or produce dryness and cracking.

Hydration is essential for good care of our skin and also to form the particular image we want for ourselves thanks to the fragrance that products for body care leave in our body. These fragrances bring a hedonic value to these products and also reinforce the benefits of personal care cosmetics.

Have you ever met someone and thought “I love that smell, I want that fragrance in my body”? There is a wide variety of cosmetic products on the market. Just decide what kind of fragrance you like and which one smells better on your skin. Vanilla, citrus, roses, mint, jasmine … Which one goes with you?

Eurofragance, creator and producer of fragrances for personal products, interprets trends. At the company we launch new products, we study the market and investigate on consumer tastes in order to generate new ideas for our customers. In addition, all fragrances developed meet the legal requirements of each country and are tested on final product formulations. In the case of fragrances designed for body creams, these are subjected to stability studies and then evaluated in different conditions to ensure their suitability over time.

One of the most important assets of Eurofragance is the global network of creative perfumers and evaluators who have a strong regional experience and guide the development of each product.

Every continent, every country and every culture have a particular idea of what an attractive and captivating essence is. Therefore, we must consider the diverse tastes, markets and trends to offer fragrances that give body care products a pleasant perfume according to different publics.

Choose the right perfume for your body care products, choose fragrances that make you feel good.