Perfumery has always been about being able to access admirable raw materials in order to create admirable fragrances.  Eurofragance Perfumers expect nothing less than the best ingredients to express their creativity and delight consumers.  The same can be said about great Chefs or… Tea Masters.  This was the driving idea for reaching out to Tily Tea, the Singapore-based, premium tea brand.  At this year’s in-cosmetics Asia trade fair in Bangkok visitors will not only find out about our partnership with Tilly Tea, but also learn about our ICON Program—and some of its exceptional raw materials—and discover Verdenix™ our latest proprietary ingredient with demonstrated malodor counteracting (MOC) properties.

We Blend In

At Eurofragance we love co-creation.  This is why we are constantly searching for new sources of inspiration, and love to learn from creative thinkers in other industries.  It is with this inclination that the Eurofragance Singapore team set out to find a partner who reflected our creation values and could be present with us for our second annual showing at in-cosmetics Asia 2023.  in-cosmetics Asia is one of the largest professional fairs dedicated to Personal Care ingredients in the Asia Pacific region.  It takes place this year between the 7th and the 9th of November at BITEC in Bangkok.

When we first met Michelle and Geraldine Koh, the Founders of Tily Tea, we discovered two enthusiastic entrepreneurs (and cousins) with whom we share several values.  Their approach to creating exceptional tea blends centers around delivering wellness, while respecting people and planet.  Our sustainability-focused mindset is perfectly aligned with such a philosophy and the idea that through high quality ingredients one can deliver well-being in a tea preparation or fragrance creation.  The idea being, to feel good and do good without harming our environment and our communities.

It was also clear from the start that we also had a common  passion for ingredients.  Creating a new blend of tea or developing a fragrance requires an intimate knowledge of raw materials, their benefits and—maybe most importantly—how they will blend together to deliver a sensorial experience where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  While some ingredients are exactly the same in both fields, we were particularly interested in creating fragrances that mirror tea rituals to accompany moments of life.  In a Personal Care scent, what’s the equivalent of a tea that promises to energize you in the morning or relax you at the end of the day?

A majority of the fragrances we present at in-cosmetics were developed for Personal Care formats (e.g., shampoos, soaps, body mists…).  Washing and cleansing are rituals during which we nurture our bodies—and probably our minds—from the outside.  Savoring a tea is most certainly a ritual, but in this instance, we are taking care of our inner self.  The two experiences are similar and bring us back to the notions of wellness and well-being.

At our stand at in-cosmetics, visitors will be able to engage with the Perfumers and Fragrance Development Managers of Eurofragance, as well as with the Founders of Tilly Tea.  These creators not only share a passion for exquisite raw materials, but also a respect for traditions, coupled with an openness to modern ideas.

Iconic Ingredients from Asia

It has become a common feature at our latest fairs: the ICON Wall.  At our stand, partners and visitors will be able to discover and smell five raw materials from our ICON Collections that we are particularly fond of these days.  In a nutshell, ICON is our strategic program for an improved and more sustainable palette.  It is a vast corporate project that requires an even more advanced selection process and deep investigative work with suppliers to verify sustainability claims.  The ICON ingredients that are showcased at our stand in Bangkok all come from Asia.  One can smell them in their raw state as well as in fragrance creations for different Personal Care applications.  But above all, we invite visitors to hear directly from our Perfumers why they are passionate about Magnolia Flower Oil, Agarwood or Pepper Sichuan and so on.

Our Latest Captive ingredient: Verdenix™

But wait… there’s more!  Not every ingredient in our palette is an ICON ingredient.  In fact, not all of the outstanding ingredients our Perfumers create with are of natural origin.  We also rely on synthetic ingredients as well as on some of our very own captive ingredients.  Exactly two years ago, we introduced L’Âme du Bois™ our very first proprietary ingredient with unusual and desirable olfactive properties.  L’Âme du Bois™ is made by upcycling western red cedarwood sawdust into an oil via a natural process, but in so doing there is a fraction of the oil that is set aside.  We decided to take a second look at this leftover material, and found that by applying a certain physical treatment we could upcycle it into our second proprietary ingredient that we named Verdenix™.  Verdenix™ is considered an active ingredient (or technical ingredient) because it offers benefits that go beyond its olfactive profile.  In this instance, we found that Verdenix™ holds promising malodor counteracting (MOC) properties that are ideally suited for Personal Care products positioned to control unpleasant smells.

At in-cosmetics Asia, on November 9th, Shu Quan Chua, Applications and Technologies Specialist at Eurofragance Singapore will give a presentation on Verdenix™.  His talk will detail how this new MOC ingredient fits into our EuroPure™ portfolio of technologies designed to fight foul smells.  Shu Quan Chua will also share analytical and sensory panel data on the use of Verdenix™ in Personal Care products.