Eurofragance presents Eurofragance Bar, a selection of 15 scents inspired by cocktails and used in personal care products

We all know there are two senses really connected and they are smell and taste.  Smell helps us feel the flavour in food and drinks. Why not converting flavours into smells? Why not conveying exotic flavours to captivating fragrances?

Eurofragance Bar is the result of doing so: a selection of 15 fragrances inspired by cocktails and used in personal care products such as: jelly bath with watermelon martini fragrance, a gin tonic scented shaving gel or a sun protection cream with pina colada smell.

Our firm took part in the Expo Cosmética 2016 trade show at the World Trade Centre Mexico City on 3 and 4 August. We presented our Bar along with our local distributors, Kemcare and Mexfragance, and also launched a special fine fragrance collection that has been created by the perfumer Jorge Guerrero. This collection is inspired by the world’s most famous drinks as well, such as whisky, gin tonic, mezcal or cava.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”, Albert Einstein would say. Straight to the point.

The perfume world is wide, diverse and mysterious where creativity is key to win consumers love. Innovating, creating and getting the wow factor are necessary to produce the most fascinating fragrances.

This time Eurofragance got really creative by producing amazing fragrances for personal care products. We created a caipirinha scent for shampoo, Baileys fragrance for therapy skin cream or beer aroma for a 3 in 1 product for men. As experts in Personal Care, we interpret trends, we launch new products, and we also research the tastes of consumers to bring new and exciting ideas to our customers.

Let your senses work together to feel every scent on your skin and on your hair. We design and produce fragrances for the wellness and for the happiness of consumers.

What is your favourite cocktail? Would you let us create a body care product that reminds you of your favourite drink?