There is no scientific proof, no certain evidence. However, the fact is that some scents have got an effect on our mood, on our feelings and emotions hence on our well-being. This leads us to explore a practice called aromatherapy.

According to Rachel S. Hertz, psychologist and a cognitive neuroscientist, aromatherapy is based on the belief that various natural odors have an intrinsic ability to influence mood, cognition and health.

Aromatherapy has traditionally been used by ancient civilizations for therapeutic, hygienic or ritualistic purposes. Nowadays, it has become a useful tool to help improve our mood by using natural scents such as Jasmine, lemon or rose.

Commonly, this practice uses essential oils and other aroma compounds and it can be either inhaled or applied on skin or immersed in water. Always, following the directions on the products.

There are some scents that are used in aromatherapy as they generally have good effects on people. For example: jasmine is used to relieve anger, increase confidence, ease depression and as aphrodisiac while lavender is good to relax and peppermint is best for relieving stress.

We have already talked about how the sense of smell is connected to the part of the brain that processes emotions. When we smell something, it becomes an information that goes first to the limbic system and the hypothalamus. These are the brain areas responsible for emotions, feelings, instincts and impulses.

It makes sense that some scents have got a beneficial effect on our mood. Also, when we smell something our brain relates that smell to a memory. So, it is quite subjective the effect that a fragrance can have on each of us.

Haven´t you ever heard that some people love vainilla scents while others don´t like it?

Again, the perfume world is wide and subjective. That is why, when creating scents for body care products, fine fragrances or air fresheners is important interpreting cultures, places and trends in order to adapt the fragrance to the potential consumers.

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