Perfumery Academy

Creativity, Skill and Hard Work Await Future Perfumers

Training to become a Perfumer is such a serious challenge that we take the matter into our own hands.  Even aspiring candidates fresh out of fragrance-centered schools are expected to go through two years of training here at Eurofragance.  After an arduous process, those who succeed get to face a new challenge: winning your briefs and your heart.

Henry Van den Heuvel

Global Creative Director and Senior Perfumer

Having a Nose Is a Good Start to Becoming a Perfumer, but It Is Not Enough

At Eurofragance we are proud to have in our ranks Perfumers who have over thirty years of experience in the industry, just as we are also proud of nurturing Trainee Perfumers who will fragrance the world for the next thirty years… and beyond. 

In an Industry Where Creativity Rules, Applying a Creative Approach to Learning Only Makes Sense

Henry Van den Heuvel is not only one of our most senior and accomplished Perfumers, he is also responsible for training and coaching perfumery aspirants.  Henry applies a novel and disruptive approach centered on self-discovery to learning the métier of Perfumer.     

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Trial by Error and More Trying

Passing the raw materials test at the end of the first phase of learning is a sine qua non for continuing in the Perfumery Academy program.  In the second phase of their apprenticeship, students begin creating.

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Great Perfumers have been creating fragrances for more years than I have lived. Training to become one of them is like eagerly wanting to participate in an Iron Man triathlon, having just learned how to swim and cycle. For sure it is an arduous voyage, but what an exciting challenge.

Ivan Wong

Trainee Perfumer

What makes the training in the Perfumery Academy so interesting is also what makes it so challenging. There is so much to learn, and in great detail.

David Mallo

Trainee Perfumer

One of the key challenges is to not get overwhelmed by all the information we must process. In order to assimilate and retain the odor profile and complexities of each raw material, I am creating my very own olfactive library in my mind.

Anna Servat

Perfumer Analyst Trainee

Every raw material has a story to tell—actually, many stories. I particularly enjoy learning about the origins of each ingredient and its place in the long history of perfumery. It is also fascinating to understand their nuances and how they inter(re)act with one another.

Carlos Franco

Technical Perfumer Trainee

Soon, I will be asked to create, by myself, perfumes from scratch. This will be a big challenge, but I know that I will be able to apply everything I’ve learned during my training, and in particular all the `industry secrets´ my experienced Perfumer colleagues shared with me.

Magdalena Rey

Technical Perfumer Trainee