Our Creative Essence

A Collection of Imaginative and Skilled Perfumers

Eurofragance Perfumers Are Passionate, Methodical and Eager to Fragrance Your Product

How many famous artists do you know?  How many popular singers? And movie stars?  Now, how many Perfumers can you name?  Granted, there are more well-known stars in Hollywood than Perfumers in the world.  Yet, we can smell the artistic craftsmanship of Perfumers every day on our bodies and in our homes.  Perfumers bring out the beauty in your products and add that touch of magic that helps build brand loyalty.

A Love Affair With Perfume

Hailing from a variety of cultural backgrounds, professional experiences and based in different Creative Centers worldwide, Eurofragance Perfumers all share one major trait in common: they have an absolute passion for fragrance.

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Individual Strengths With a Common Enthusiasm

While every single one of the Perfumers at Eurofragance has this inborn enthusiasm to deliver a stunning final creation, each one has his or her own way of taking on the task based on their personal expertise and career path.

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Understanding Your Perfume Needs

At Eurofragance, there are no set rules on what type of product a Perfumer works on.  We encourage all Perfumers to work in different product categories from a household cleaner to a deodorant, to a designer eau de toilette and rich oriental attars.

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