A Perfume Should Make You Feel Something

When people ask me where I am from, I tell them that `I am 100% German through my father and 100% Colombian thanks to my mother.’  I feel that I have the pragmatism and discipline often associated with northern Europeans (I did study Industrial Engineering) combined with the congeniality and colorfulness attributed to South Americans.  And yet, I am happily at home working for Eurofragance in Dubai.  Over the years, I have become completely fascinated by the cultures and perfumes of the Middle East and Asia.  In many ways, I am a multicultural melting pot, which is clearly a gift and a strength for a Perfumer such as me. 

My favorite olfactive family is the scents of the Middle East, which I like to combine with the musky, animalic smell of ambergris.  Next time we have the pleasure of meeting in person, allow me to tell you about the origins of this improbable raw material and what it can bring to your body care product or fine fragrance.  It is a fascinating story I love to share.

I believe that a fragrance is not only about how you smell, but also, and even more importantly, about how you feel.  Do you wish to feel irresistible, protected, confident…?  Give me that challenge, and I will do my best to deliver that magical power in a perfume bottle.