In a Tough World, Perfumes Provide a Touch of Beauty

I have worked in perfumery for over twenty years, delving into different aspects of this captivating industry, from sales, to creation and even journalism.  Currently, at Eurofragance, I wear two hats.  This fits perfectly with my personality, which I describe as that of a `pragmatic dreamer in constant search for beauty.’ 

 As a Technical Perfumer responsible for our palette of 1,200 ingredients we create with, I ensure that we offer Perfumers throughout our network the best collection of raw materials possible to create with—for fine fragrance but also for technical categories like home care.  My position accords me a level of expertise I can directly apply to fragrance formulations for any segment of product, even if I confess a slight penchant for prestige perfumes. 

In my function of Technical Perfumer, I work closely with our Purchasing department to homologate the raw materials we acquire, ensuring that quality, traceability, stability, sustainability… are all respected.  I collaborate directly with suppliers, and over the years, we have established a relationship of trust, which is key to guaranteeing our expectations are always met.  

To receive these natural ingredients or synthetic molecules is always exciting and like a new discovery each time.  It’s a great day for me when sandalwood comes in from India or some bergamot from Calabria, two of my favorites.