Scents and Smells Open a World of Discovery and Understanding

I spent my childhood in the countryside, surrounded by olive trees, oil mills, orchards, gardens filled with jasmine and rose bushes and forests of pine trees and junipers. I grew up in an environment with lots of freedom and independence, and developed an acute sense of curiosity for what surrounded me.

From an early age, I was interested in science and wanted to become a Mathematician or Astrophysicist. But I eventually pursued studies with the intention of working in a cosmetic-fragrance laboratory, since I loved the combination of science and sensoriality.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I had the good fortune to join a family perfume business, and fell in love with the profession. It fulfilled my passion for smelling raw materials and fragrances, as well as my fascination for the complexity and beauty of perfumery.

Fragrances have that ability to transport you to the memories and sensations that have left a mark on you. And at the same time, they have the power to make us aware, make us pause and be present in the moment, in the now.

For me, this is essential. When you smell, you awaken sensations, emotions and your instinct. Scents and smells open a whole world of textures, colors, shapes… it’s a completely new way of seeing and grasping what’s around us. If there is one thing that I have learned, it is the importance of appreciating the beauty in all these little details.