A Fresh Look in Fragrance Creation

Growing up, I quickly learned the importance of smelling what surrounded me.  Because my family has been producing wine for generations, tasting and smelling are a big deal in my home.  We always spent summers at our house in the countryside, where I loved to have walks around the garden with my grandma, smelling the aromatic plants, flowers and trees.  

My first olfactive training at Eurofragance was a real awakening.  I remember thinking to myself: `this is what I want to do for the rest of my life,’ but it seemed like an impossible dream.  When I was offered to train in Eurofragance’s Perfumery Academy, I worked hard to make it come true, and now, my career development has led me to Singapore where I am discovering new ingredients and scents which will be of great value when I work on your projects.

Another topic that I am sensitive about is sustainability.  The influence of my childhood surroundings and upbringing combined with the situation we are facing worldwide make me feel that a sustainable philosophy is the only possible future, and it’s a challenge I welcome.

I bring to the party the fresh, unbiased perspective of someone who has recently entered the perfumery industry.  I approach every project as a blank page with no preconceived ideas, allowing us to grow as a team, hand in hand, creating bespoke fragrances for your brand.