Perfume Creation Is a Journey of Constant Discovery

After receiving my Master’s degree in Cosmetics I joined Eurofragance as a Compounder.  I knew about the profession of Perfumer, and worked with them on a daily basis, but I didn’t really consider it as a possible career track.  Yet, I eventually joined Eurofragance’s Perfumery Academy.  I feel extremely lucky to have followed this route, thanks to a bit of chance and to my mentor at Eurofragance who believed in me and encouraged me all along.  Learning to recognize and describe almost one thousand raw materials and creating many assignments by nose, while also pursuing my Compounder’s job, was hard work, but completing the training is, to date, one of my greatest professional accomplishments.

As a young Perfumer my learning curve is still steep.  Presently, I am based in our Singapore Creative Center, where every day, I learn, discover and experiment with perfume ingredients.  I don’t limit my curiosity in trying new things, because I know that this is how I will become a better Perfumer even if I make mistakes along the way.

I see several parallels between music, especially electronic music, which I am particularly fond of, and fragrances.  When a musician composes a piece of music, it’s usually a do-it-yourself endeavor.  As a Perfumer, I feel the same way, working most often alone and following a path of learning and progressing in the trade by trial and error.  Sometimes, the result of my work is like the music I listen to, it is full of energy and not necessarily mainstream.