Perfumery Is Poetry Without Words

Twenty years ago, I began my career assisting Perfumers, weighing and dosing formulas for them.  What an unexpected discovery; it was love at first sight… or smell, should I say!  I had never imagined becoming a Perfumer. At present, I am a Senior Perfumer who recently spent four years working in our Singapore affiliate. Having always been curious by nature and eager to learn new things, my stay in Asia offered new challenges and rewards. Wherever one might work in the world, a desire to constantly learn while remaining open to different points of view and ideas are required in perfumery.

I am convinced that scents and smells are a way of communicating; and perfumery is a bit like poetry which can move you because it touches you so profoundly.  Scents have the capacity to uncover similar feelings and sense of wellbeing.  As Perfumers, through our creations, we can generate such emotions too.  This is what is so fascinating and challenging in our work, but makes our profession such a beautiful one.  When I develop a fragrance, my goal is for my perfume to carry emotional messages of beauty and harmony.  Whatever the format or product category, I will apply a certain aesthetic to create a scent that elevates your brand and also brings a moment of pleasure to your consumer.

Perfumery is a language full of complexity, but I enjoy learning more of it each day and being able to get my message across more effectively with every new project I work on.