In Perfumery, You Must Make Every Drop Count

Initially, I was supposed to become a pharmacist, but once I had completed my degree, I never felt fulfilled. So, I decided to leave my hometown and look for a new challenge. I eventually found work at Eurofragance as a Fragrance Analyst Trainee, with virtually no knowledge of the perfumery industry. At first, I was both really impressed and extremely curious about all the raw materials and fragrances presented to me. My interest for the industry started to grow greater and greater, but at the time, the idea of becoming a Perfumer was not in the cards.

A few years on, I was given the opportunity to join Eurofragance’s Perfumery Academy training program. I had to learn thousands of raw materials, accords, classic fragranced brands, as well as start compounding perfumes that I was creating by nose, all the while pursuing my regular analyst job. After several years of challenging work, I completed my training. I now have a deeper knowledge and respect of the perfumer’s palette, and fully appreciate that you have to make every drop count. Additionally, my training has given me an open mindset to approach different projects in a creative way and give each one of them the special attention it deserves.

As a new Junior Perfumer, I am enthusiastic and excited to take on new challenges and create new scents, while continuing to learn and amass more knowledge to create to the best of my ability.