Follow Your Instinct and Dare to Experiment

I’d say that I am a `fighter and a warrior’ with a sensitive side.  When I set myself a goal I never lose sight of the target.  I’ll usually reach my objective through trial and error, and by learning every day a little bit more by doing—it’s my fighting spirit.  My competitive spirit also expresses itself when I do sports.  This said, I admit that I also have a taste for refinement: luxury fashion, exclusive personal care brands and much more.

I entered Eurofragance in 1990 the year the company was founded.  I was 18 years old and have now spent all thirty years of my career here.  Perfumery and fragrances are more than my daily work environment.  They represent my personal sanctuary; the place I go to for refuge and protection.  Perfumery fuels me and empowers me; it is my life force.  I believe that both my personal interests and professional skills are perfectly aligned with the requirements of being a Perfumer.  I realized this when I was young.  Already as a rebellious little girl I’d lock myself in the bathroom and smell and mix all kinds of personal care products, from perfumes, shower gels to shaving foams and beyond. 

Along the development path of your fragrance, I will experiment with new raw materials, produce unthinkable combinations.  In the end, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.