My New Vegan Mindset Has Prompted Me to Discover New Ingredients

Ten years ago, after completing my Master’s degree in Chemistry in Lyon, I joined Eurofragance. It was my introduction to the business world—up until then, I had focused on scientific research. Perfumery and the métier of Perfumer were unknown to me. During my first years, I worked on Eurofragance’s fragrance analysis team and didn’t consider the possibility of becoming a Perfumer Analyst.

Things changed when I joined the Perfumery Academy. After 18 months of hard, but rewarding training, I passed the final exam, and became a Junior Perfumer Analyst. It is a profession cut out for me, with a scientific, analytical part of the job, balanced with a more creative, artistic side.

I am known for my passion for food and I always enjoy trying new recipes or perfecting old ones. This creativity trait was even more solicited when I became vegan. It prompted me to discover new ingredients and flavors, and develop new ways of cooking. Daily, I look to prepare dishes with the right ingredients to make them as tasty and fragrant as possible.

Becoming vegan also made me much more conscious of finding more sustainable ways of living. At Eurofragance, we take sustainability seriously and I was happy to participate in several corporate initiatives to this end. I feel that every step matters—no matter how small—and every individual act participates in making the world a better place.

As a Junior Perfumer Analyst, I have a desire to create new fragrances for this new, better world.