Marketing Intelligence

Solid Marketing Expertise to Build Your Brands

Branding Scents

Your Product Is More Than Just a Fragrance
For us, fragrance is who we are and what we do, but we must consider your brand from your perspective.  We know that to provide you with pertinent solutions, we must go beyond the sense of smell.  This is why our Marketing specialists always consider your brand holistically within a greater market context.

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We actually complete one another quite nicely.  In most instances, your brands aren’t viable without a perfume.  Conversely, our fragrances need your products to come to life.  This reality strengthens the partnership between your Marketing experts and our perfumery professionals—and Eurofragance’s Marketing team is the perfect bridge between the two.

Stéphanie Marze

Head of Global Marketing and Corporate Communication

Market Analysis

Data Driven Decision Making
Eurofragance purchases consumer data and market analysis from several reputable, global market research firms.  We care almost as much as you do about brand performance, so we pore over figures relating to sales, rankings and market share to extract valuable insights to direct and speed up our development process.

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We disseminate Market Research throughout the organization to bring even more relevance to your projects
Trends and Beyond
We Know What Tomorrow Will Smell Like
“What is the next trend?” is a recurring question stakeholders ask us.  We have some perspective to share.  Our in-house Marketing specialists track macro trends that are likely to influence general consumer habits.  And, they’re also excellent at predicting micro trends that will impact specific product segments.

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Category Reviews
Consumers, Competitors and Context
Brands evolve in dynamic product categories impacted by their owners, competitors and consumers.  At Eurofragance, Marketing specialists are assigned to dedicated product categories.  Their objective is to provide customers and Eurofragance development teams with pertinent insights for segments ranging from modern French Middle Eastern perfumes, to body wash, to candles and incense and onto fabric softeners.

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New Product Concept Development

The Power of New News
There’s something magical about using the word “new” in marketing.  For you, these three little letters represent a daily challenge.  By funneling down from macro trends, to category studies and market analysis, we can develop and present you with new line extensions, variants and applications, along with the perfect fragrances to match.

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My colleagues in affiliates allow me to delve into the social-cultural environment of their market. The result, is the development of even more lovable fragrances for their consumers.

Gabrielle Andreys

EAT Jr Marketing Manager

The Marketing network allows me to learn about new product concepts rolling out in other markets that could be relevant to consumers in my region. I am all for recycling a great idea.

Mariana Del Valle Torres

LATAM Marketing Manager, Mexico

Observations and insights go hand in hand; if one shows genuine curiosity about people’s everyday life, you can learn a lot about consumer habits and behaviors.

Joanne Neo

Customer Service and Marketing Specialist, Eurofragance Singapore

Once you’ve uncovered a trend, it’s already too late, it’s been done. What you can do, however, is develop scenarios on what will occur next because of it. This is the type of forecasting we offer.

Chiara Micol Buongiorno

IMEA Marketing Manager, Eurofragance Dubai

Creative Studio

Bringing Perfume to Life Through Design
A perfume doesn’t exist in isolation—it has a name, it comes in a package, it is associated with colors, textures, materials...  Manufacturers and marketers are well aware that these are significant details.  Accordingly, for key strategic projects we involve our in-house graphic designers to bring a fragrance to life by designing a label, creating a pack mock-up and proposing color schemes.

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In perfume creation—and in product branding—the devil is in the details. Our 360° approach means considering all the sensorial elements of the perfumed product. Choosing the right font, color or finish can completely change the end result—this is where attention to detail makes a real difference. That's the magic of my work.

Neus Grau Medina

Creative Studio Manager