The Management Team

Diana March

Global Director of Sustainability and Technical Compliance

Sustainability is not a trend, it’s an unwavering surge

In just a few years I have seen how a company—and especially its employees—have embraced sustainability with open arms.   This is a bottom-up movement, where every individual wants to play a meaningful part and brings precious ideas to the table.   It is not a passing trend, but a real surge.

My goal is to tap into this positive energy to aim for, and reach even loftier objectives.   I feel, for instance, that in the near future we will need to tackle the question of carbon footprint.   This is not only the impact that our company leaves behind, but also that of the partners we rely on.

Meet Our Management Team

I see an opportunity to replicate our Singapore model elsewhere in Asia

Dolors Costa

Global Creative Center Director


I feel that we can double our organic growth every six years

Antoine de Riedmatten

Global Director Fine Fragrance and General Manager IMEA


Working at Eurofragance generates a feeling of belonging and pride

Rebeca Jardón

Global People Operations Director


There is great potential for us to expand into the home and personal care categories

Olegario Monegal

Global Business Unit Director, Home and Personal Care


Our partners have grown over the years,but in parallel, so have we

Joan Pere Jimenez

COO and Europe/Maghreb General Manager


The team is meeting the challenge of turning data into applicable knowledge

Juan Ramón López Gil

Chief Financial Officer


Customers and competitors now see us differently

Andrés Pagés

LATAM General Manager