Boost Malodor Counteraction

A New Ingredient to Boost Odor Elimination

Verdenix™ is a perfumery ingredient innovation, and it’s Eurofragance’s latest addition to the EuroPure™ technology platform dedicated to counteracting unpleasant odors.  This new, active proprietary raw material is made entirely from upcycling the waste material from another perfumery ingredient.  The whole process is eco-friendly. When used with other perfumery ingredients, Verdenix™ acts as a booster in hand and body wash applications, as well as in dishwashing liquid products to quickly chemically eliminate foul smells.  Its efficacy has been quantified and demonstrated in analytical tests.  The result for your consumers is a real sense of renewed comfort and reassurance—no more embarrassing yucky odors to worry about.

Within two minutes malodors are dramatically reduced thanks to Verdenix

An Ingredient Easy to Compose With

Verdenix™ offers some real advantages.  Most notably, our new active ingredient is easy to integrate at the creation stage of a fragrance.  Perfumers don’t have to worry about using an active ingredient that may interfere in an excessive way with other perfumery raw materials in their formula. The other advantage of Verdenix™ is its potency.  Even in small doses, Verdenix™ can deliver a meaningful blow to bad smells.  In addition to its verified efficacy, the benefit it provides is almost immediately perceivable.  There is no need to wait around for Verdenix™ to become active.  It quickly leaves surfaces purified and pleasantly scented—a meaningful plus for your consumers.