Fragrance Technologies Offering Benefits to You and Your Consumers
A Portfolio of Fragrance Technologies With Demonstrated Benefits
Encapsulation Technologies
All Eurofragance’s new micro encapsulation technologies are designed with our manufacturers in mind.  We offer you simple, easy to apply, straightforward technologies that can be leveraged in your softeners, scent boosters or hard surface care cleaners.   
Performance Over Time
EuroCaps™ represents a significant progress in fragrance encapsulation and positions Eurofragance squarely on the fragrance technology front.  EuroCaps™ is designed to be used primarily in the laundry and home care categories.  Because our capsules are loaded with highly compacted perfumes, they deliver perfume when most desired, and are cost-effective.
EuroCaps™ perform long after the wash thanks to the continuous release of perfume, and upon light friction of fabrics.  Your brand users can enjoy a clean, refreshing scent for up to ninety days.
EuroCaps™ capsules are simple to incorporate in the production process of powder detergents, fabric softeners or scent boosters (solid or liquid).  The superior technical characteristics of our capsules mean no adverse surprises for you when integrating EuroCaps™ into your home care formulas.
More than 1 month of freshness

EuroBlend – S™

When “S” Is for Simple 
EuroBlend – S™ mixes our EuroCaps™ and free oil—a technology developed specifically for fabric softeners.  EuroBlend – S™ technology incorporates our proprietary, environmentally-respectful capsules blended with the Eurofragance perfume of your choice.  Working in close collaboration with you, we are ready to design a product that marries free fragrance oil and capsules to surpass your perfumistic requirements.  The slow and steady diffusion of freshness will also exceed the aspirations of your most demanding consumers.  
We offer you a one pot, one step system with no complicated intermediary steps.  You will no longer need to dose perfume and capsules separately.
EuroBlend – S™ is a single system that is ready to go.  We are about to simplify your life.
Malodor Coverage Technologies
In-house technical experts at Eurofragance have designed malodor counteracting technologies that either reduce the perception of bad smells or eliminate them at the source.  Either way, our fragrance technologies solve the problem. 
Viva la Revolución Against Tobacco Malodor
We developed EuroHabano™ with the goal of saying “no” to the offensive odors of cigarette smell (including tobacco and smoke).  This fragrance technology is ideally suited for your products in: air care (aerosol format), fabric care (spray format) and hair care (sprays, conditioner).  Thanks to our extensive knowledge on scent perception, odor interactions and fragrance molecular combinations, we can create malodor formulations that transform the unpleasant odor of tobacco into a pleasing perfume. 
Additionally, the positive effects of EuroHabano™ are shown to last over time—a claim you can now add on your consumer products. 
While EuroHabano™ is based on sophisticated technology and years of olfactive research, you will find this innovation to be both affordable and easy to use.  We will collaborate with your team to design harmonious perfumes that you can integrate into your manufacturing process just like any other one of the fragrances you acquire from us.
Magical Malodor Molecules
We have all experienced the pungent smell left on our hands after preparing a recipe that includes garlic, onion or raw fish.  An unpleasant smell that can stick around on fingertips for over 24 hours.
EuroBrisko™ works instantly to stop foul odors.  This fragrance technology eliminates malodors by reacting with them at the source. 
Our broad knowledge of perfume raw materials coupled with our deep understanding of perfume creation allow us to offer you proven malodor counteraction solutions.  Solutions that you can, in turn, propose to your consumers as a liquid soap, bar soap or even dishwashing liquid.  Incorporating EuroBrisko™ technology in your production is painless—no headaches, we promise.  We can procure you with a range of fragrances that are already formulated with EuroBrirsko™ technology.  Our different perfumes will help you further support various consumer benefits, ranging from hygiene, care, freshness and more.   
Eliminate food odors on hands, instantly