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Fragrance Technologies
for a Better Experience and a Better World

Eurofragance Technologies Will Save You Time, Money and a Few Headaches

New Fragrance Solutions for Improved Consumer Experiences
To remain competitive, we understand you must manage expenditures wisely and propose new market products that will enchant consumers.  The inclusion of our new technologies in your products results in added fragrance performance for a superior customer experience, while keeping your costs in-line. 

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I see fragrance technologies as a beautiful way of offering our clients real, yet straightforward product solutions, which in turn they can leverage in their brands to grow their business.  Let’s talk and solve your challenges together.  We’ll make it work for you.

Olivier Anthony

Ph.D, Global Research and Innovation Director

Ready to meet
Tomorrow’s Environmental Requirements

Eco-Friendly and User-Friendly Technologies

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, our portfolio of perfume delivery technologies is much more user-friendly to integrate into your manufacturing process.  We want to offer you real-life solutions that are as green and efficient as possible.  

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Fragrance Technologies to Improve and Differentiate Your Brands

The Fragrance Encapsulation Technologies of the Future Have Arrived
Our new, top-performing and cost effective fragrance encapsulation technologies were developed for you, our home care clients, always looking for brand-enhancing improvements that will delight consumers.  Today, our capsules already meet the strict environmental mandates of tomorrow.

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Fragrance Technologies That Offer Malodor Coverage Are at Hand Today
Eurofragance is at the forefront of technologies that successfully fight unpleasant odors.  We want to share this sweet smell of success with you when it comes to managing some particularly common and disagreeable malodor sources. 

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Technical Expertise