Publié Dec 22, 2015
Eurofragance Opens A Creative Centre In Dubai
Eurofragance has officially opened a new Creative Centre in Dubai.  The ceremony, which was attended by local representatives and numerous authorities, took place at the centre itself last Wednesday.  The centre is on the Science Park, which was previously known as the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park.

A total of two million euros has been invested in this new, 1,000 square metre facility which went into operation in September this year.  The activities at Eurofragance's Creative Centres mainly involve the design and evaluation of fragrances and applications, and sample manufacturing.  They are a strategic tool for developing new products for customers and enabling the firm to respond quickly to trends and to satisfy tastes in different markets.  The Creative Centre in Dubai also has sales, logistical and corporate development functions.  The centre is staffed by a team of 23 people. 

Eurofragance is an international company that designs and produces fragrances.  It is a leader in perfumery in the Gulf area.  One of the objectives of opening the centre is to boost sales in other segments such as Air Care and Personal Care.  The company has Creative Centres in Barcelona and Mexico.  Thanks to this new centre in Dubai and with another set to open in Singapore, the firm will soon have a total of four Creative Centres.