Publié Dec 10, 2020
Eurofragance And Ambientair Join Forces To Create 'Thank You', A Candle Full Of Emotion In Appreciation Of The Work Carried Out By Health Professionals
Barcelona, 10 December 2020. Eurofragance, a company that creates fragrances, and Ambientair, a company that manufactures and distributes aromas, wanted to jointly thank health professionals for the work they are doing in the current health crisis.  Therefore, they have decided to gift them a candle that transmits emotions such as optimism, hope and gratitude through fragrance.  This gratitude is translated into the creation of ‘Thank you’, a candle that represents, in the most honest and sincere way, the work that medical staff have carried out in this exceptional situation.

Conveying hope and gratitude through fragrances

With this creation, both companies once again demonstrate a close link between emotions and fragrances.

More than 6,500 units of the ‘Thank you’ candle will be distributed among professionals at different hospitals with a double objective: to give an extra feeling of warmth and affection to hospitals at this special festive time of year, and to thank health workers for their essential work in the fight against the pandemic.

Professionals at hospitals such as Hospital de Barcelona, Consorci Hospitalari de Vic, Hospital de Terrassa, Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya and Hospital de Segovia will receive this creation because of the special link they have had with Eurofragance and Ambientair during the pandemic.

What does ‘Thank you’ smell like?

Eurofragance perfumers from each creative center, from Singapore, Mexico to the United Arab Emirates, have participated in the composition of the candle, joining forces to create the olfactory interpretation of hope, broken down into three accords: optimism, comfort and solidarity.

Optimism evokes tangerine notes accompanied by relaxing green tea accords and refreshing peony petals.  As for comfort, this emotion is reminiscent of a marine floral note wrapped in delicate lily of the valley petals, bathed in a hopeful marine accord.  Finally, solidarity is symbolized by accents of rose and sweetened oriental amber, in harmony with a note of sandalwood and soft cashmere.

In addition, the perfumers at Barcelona have been working on combining different ingredients into a single fragrance, adding a local and Mediterranean accent with a touch of orange blossom and cashmere in the background.

Laurent Mercier, CEO of Eurofragance, states that “with the creation of ‘Thank you’, we wanted to demonstrate Eurofragance's commitment to society and, in this case, to health professionals, all those people who, today more than ever, have become our heroes.   As a sign of our gratitude for the tireless work that they are doing, we wanted to convey feelings of optimism and hope, emotions that are so necessary at this time, in the best way we know how, through fragrances".