Being active and having a healthy routine allow us to enjoy a high quality of life and be more productive at work

Productivity becomes an asset that companies need to succeed. Over the last years and against what we had been told since we were just pupils, productivity is not possible by working on your own and aside from the rest of your colleagues. It is actually generated by integrating ourselves and our work into our team, our colleagues, and by promoting the exchange of knowledge and ideas between the workforce.

Moreover, efficiency is not the result of long hours work but the result of our focus and happiness at work. How can companies encourage their employees to be productive? Through team building activities and sport initiatives.

When we do exercise endorphins are segregated in our body and a painless sensation along with happiness make us feel so good! Also, practicing sport with our colleagues helps us know them better and feel more comfortable, specially in big teams where sometimes not everyone knows even the name of all their colleagues.

Eurofragance has got a global team where more than 20 nationalities work in the same project: Capturing Sensations within the fragrances world. Our employees are highly skilled individuals but the most important thing it is that they are good colleagues, open minded and happy to share their knowledge and projects with their teammates, creating a global expertise among the workforce.

We usually organize sport competitions, gymkhanas and outdoor activities such as karting, zip lines or even races across trees as we did recently in Singapore. It is the best way to Capture Sensations, to relax, to feel inspired and enjoy life and work, all in one! There are also sport facilities available for the employees. For instance, in our headquarters, employees have free access to gym and paddle tennis court.

Of course, we work to live instead of living to work. But, let´s make the most of our time at work, let´s enjoy it! Only a happy team can keep company´s success in the long term, our workforce is the best ambassador of our brand.

Thanks Eurofragancers! See you on the pitch!