There’s nothing more evocative than the smells you associate with a place. Our visual memory records iconic buildings we see, but smells are what really stimulates the mind. Scents express an identity, a presence.

That’s why Eurofragance and the city of Rubí have joined forces to create a fragrance that evokes the essence of the place, with which we have a close relationship. The link between us goes back 26 years to 1995, when our first, and main, manufacturing plant was opened in the city.

Isabel Gil, Senior Perfumer at Eurofragance, is the creator of this perfume. As she was born in Rubí—though she’s currently working at our Singapore branch—she didn’t hesitate to take part in this initiative, which has transported her back to her childhood. “We wanted the fragrance to evoke the color red, which really reminds me of my city. Then, we added spices to express that it is a meeting point for people from all over, from America to Asia,” our perfumer explained.

The perfume

The fragrance is composed of a blend of fruity, woody and spiced notes. The stars of the show are the red berry top notes: an obligatory nod to the city of Rubí’s characteristic color. These berries boost and complement the other opening notes of orange and plum, while contrasting with and adding depth to the ambergris and woody base. Finally, its heart—a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom—gives body to this expressive, special perfume.

Presentation with the mayor of Rubí

The fragrance was presented during a press conference with the local media in Masia de Can Serra’s Sala Fòrum involving Joan Pere Jiménez, our Chief Operations Officer and General Manager for Europe and the Maghreb, who was invited by Ana María Martínez, the mayor of Rubí. Isabel Gil, meanwhile, followed the event from Singapore via video call.

Martínez deemed Eurofragance “the perfect example of the nature of our business sector.” She highlighted “Eurofragance’s constant desire to work for the city.”

As the company’s representative, Joan Pere Jiménez declared that, from the very beginning, he saw this idea as “an opportunity to combine color and fragrance,” emphasising that “projects like this one give us the strength to keep working joyfully and with the city of Rubí, which is very close to our hearts.”

Rubí COLOR Week

This initiative is part of Rubí COLOR Week: a special event for the city to celebrate its identity through colors, combined with its public spaces, creativity, culture, plurality and diversity.

The fragrance will be an institutional gift from the council for new shops, so that the city’s businesses can be associated with this characteristic scent.