This year’s celebration of ‘Community Day’ at Eurofragance has been extended to become a ‘Community Week’. In 2020, we carried out a food collection in our offices and the company promised to double the number of kilos collected. The result? We managed to distribute 10 tons of food!

During this initiative, and under the slogan #TogetherAgainstHunger, the teams at Eurofragance have collaborated with local organizations and food banks to make an impact on local communities.  Donation events have taken place in Barcelona, Singapore, Dubai, Mexico City, Istanbul and Mumbai.

This year is proving to be a difficult one. According to the United Nations Development Programme, a quarter of a billion people are going to bed hungry as a result of this unprecedented global economic crisis. For that reason, at Eurofragance, we wanted to contribute with an initiative with an impact that would reach thousands of people.

“Generosity and solidarity are part of Eurofragrance’s DNA.  This year is very unusual but we were not going to allow our spirit of solidarity to be lost in any way”, explains Laurent Mercier, CEO of the company.


Donations with a real impact 

Teams from our headquarters and factory in Barcelona have donated food to Caritas, ASAV Rubí (Neighbourhood Assistance Charity Association) – meaning that we are having an impact on those living in the neighborhoods around our factory in Rubí – and the Food Bank in Barcelona.

Our team in Singapore made its donation to the Asian city-state food bank, which has 250 beneficiary organizations.

Donations from our team in Dubai have gone to the Smartlife Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with workers in forced labor camps.

The team in our offices in Mexico City have played their part by supporting the Hogar Dulce Hogar Foundation, donating essential items that will be distributed to children.

Our team in Istanbul have collaborated with the Tider-Basic Needs Association food bank and the NGO Lösev, a foundation that supports children with leukemia and their families, to which it has donated eleven boxes full of food, cleaning and hygiene products, and toys.   In addition, our Turkish team has doubled the total number of kilos collected.

The Eurofragancers in Bombay have collaborated with Educo, whose help has gone to 155 children from different centers across India.


The strength of the collective, key in difficult times

‘Community Week’ is part of ‘Community Day’, an initiative in its second edition. Every year, hundreds of Eurofragance employees from around the world participate in community service projects.  Despite this year’s complicated situation, marked by the pandemic, we are proud that we have been able to contribute with food donations on a global scale.

Without the fantastic teams that make up Eurofragance, it would have been impossible to carry out this initiative. It is a real pleasure to help our community this year. Thanks to all the Eurofragancers and all those who have collaborated in our initiative!  ‘Community Week’ has been a collective success.