Winter is time for social gatherings: meals with friends, corporate dinners, family reunions… But when the temperatures plunge and the nights draw in early, it’s tempting to snuggle under a nice warm blanket rather than venture out.  Never fear! Don’t let the cold affect your social life! Bring it home! And when your guests arrive, delight them with enchanting scents.  How? Eurofragance specializes in filling the air with unique moments.  If you want your home to smell of winter, select these ingredients and make winter your favorite time of year.

Warming fragrances

Chocolate.  Who doesn’t love savoring a cup of hot chocolate when it’s cold outside? Now is also the time for treats like chocolate nougat and brownies.  That’s why we’ve chosen cocoa as a perfect ingredient for giving your house a Christmassy atmosphere.  Pure cocoa has woody, almost bitter nuances, often sweetened with touches of vanilla.  Our suggestion: Combine the intense bitterness of cocoa with vanilla splashes of tonka bean and add some orange for contrast – a classic combo that never fails to please.

Cinnamon.  If chocolate is the king of the season, then cinnamon is the queen.  It’s a sweet yet warm and spicy fragrance that can transport anyone to a warm fireside in an instant.  The team at Eurofragance is in love with the versatility of cinnamon, which can either be the prominent note of a fragrance or an interesting addition. In an earlier post, we talked about the spicy trends appearing for the coming season.  So pay attention!

Ginger. Another Christmas favorite is ginger, an ingredient with well-known year-round benefits, commonly found in Christmas sweetmeats like gingerbread.  Not usually the main ingredient, its acidic, spicy chords really attract attention.  Our perfumers use this raw material in two very different types of fragrance: either combined with typical Middle Eastern perfume creations with spices like myrrh and cardamom or in clean fragrances with other, rare citrus fruits. If you want a warm, winter atmosphere, we recommend the former.

Pine.  Bringing to mind the nostalgic scent of the Christmas tree, this is a must-have in your home during winter.  Pine has a heady, natural, fresh, aromatic, unique scent reminiscent of the pure, fresh air of the mountains.  The essence of pine needles gives out a fresh, woody smell that evokes Christmas like nothing else.

Cranberry. Last but not least, there’s cranberry.  A delicious accompaniment to roast turkey, it is a Christmas standard in the United States, although less frequently in Europe.  That’s why in many parts of the world, cranberry means Christmas.  The sweet, fruity scent smells even better with sumptuous notes of cocoa and vanilla.  

You may have noticed that everything seems to revolve around food at this time of year and Christmas smells are almost all from ingredients we use in the kitchen.  Let these scents stimulate your appetite and enjoy the holidays!