Scents transport us in time and remind us of people, times and places

Scents survive throughout the ages. They are involved in different areas of life: personal identity, sexuality, social status or cultural tradition among others.

We associate certain aromas with people, moments and places. Smells are able to make us recall moments and sensations and they also help us remember people from the past and from the present.

There is a scientific explanation for the connection between smell, memory and behaviour. When we smell something, it becomes an information that goes first to the limbic system and the hypothalamus. These are the brain areas responsible for emotions, feelings, instincts and impulses. That is why scents can directly influence our behaviour.

In addition, when the information about a smell reaches the limbic system a switching occurs in two of the components of this region of the brain: amygdala and hippocampus. The amygdala connects the smell we perceive with an emotion and the hippocampal relates it to a memory.

Only after going through these brain regions, the information reaches the cerebral cortex and becomes conscious.

Humans can smell up to 10,000 different fragrances but not two people will respond the same way to these. Various factors such as our origin, place of residence or familiarity with certain scents affect our perception. However, there is an aroma that commonly produces stimulation in all of us and that is the one from baked goods. Did you know it?

It is claimed, on the other hand, that the evolution of time shows a difference between the kind of smells which produce stimulation on people.

For example, people born in the twenties react to fragrances coming from: flowers, grass, roses, pine or soap. Those born in the seventies, though, react to the fragrance of baby powder, their mother´s perfume, plastic, hair spray or suntan lotion.

Scents production is therefore production of long-term memories. In this creation process, it is essential to consider the cultural, social, geographic and economic characteristics of each territory and each society.

It is a matter of research and creativity in which the fragrance producer and the applicant must know who is the target and what they want.

At Eurofragance, we love creativity and innovation, we travel, we interact, we participate on fairs, we learn and we keep working until we find the fragrances we seek, the essence that customer demands and the perfume that public wants to get.