“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort” – Jane Austen

The British novelist Jane Austen said on her time: there is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Our home is our shelter, where we rest after an intense workday, where we seek relief after a bad day or where we find the peace that some emotional conflicts can steal.

The daily feelings and sensations are essential to our well-being and happiness. And, there are small details, as always, that make a difference. For this reason, choosing the right perfume for our house can create unique atmospheres which give us good vibes when we get home.

The air freshener we choose for our home defines our personality, affects our emotions and can convey to our visitors what kind of person we are. The chosen fragrance depends on what you need in your home and what scents you like: nature, flowers, spices, fruit … or simply “clean smell”.

At Eurofragance we create home fragrances in all formats: solid, spray, to be burned, water-based, paraffin, gel, transparent and electrical. Of course, our Home Care department works closely with each client, studying their needs and analysing those perfumes that public wants and needs for their house.

We have fragrances development teams in different creative centres of Asia, Middle East, America and Europe. From Singapore, Dubai, Mexico and Barcelona our employees can study markets, culture, lifestyles of each area of the planet. This provides a unique knowledge of the tastes and needs of consumers around the world.

We interpret and analyse trends and we also test several scents to add maximum value to each client´s brand. Result comes as: air fresheners that enchant, captivate and generate comfort and happiness to very different publics.

What fragrances predominate in your home? Make your home a place to be comfortable, a place to find serenity and well-being.